The conference will take place in LTC on the campus of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). It is a dynamic, international research university, in pursuit of excellence, leading the advance of science and technology.

Since its official opening in October 1991, HKUST has established itself as an intellectual powerhouse, energizing the community's transformation into a knowledge-based society, and securing a place on the academic world map in record-breaking time.

An innovator in research and teaching, HKUST is the only science and technology research university in Hong Kong, and the only one to offer an all-PhD faculty. Its groundbreaking work in science, engineering, business, humanities and social science is successfully pushing back the boundaries of the information age. Such advances are assisted by the University's top-class facilities.

HKUST brings forward the vision of the future. On its award-winning Clear Water Bay campus, the life to come is being shaped today.

HKUST Website

How to get there

This campus map may help you to get to FLC 16 in Lecture Theatre C. When you arrive the campus, you may also take note of the signage stand of FLC16 for directions.


The best MTR stations for transport to HKUST are:

  • Choi Hung
  • Hang Hau
  • Po Lam

If you are traveling from the Hong Kong International Airport by Airport Express, go to Kowloon Station and take the MTR to either of the above stations.

From either of them, you can then board a bus, minibus, or taxi that lets you off at the main entrance (north gate) of HKUST.

This MTR route map helps you locate the stations.

Bus or Minibus

Most of buses to HKUST leave from different MTR stations and bus terminals:

Buses let you off at main entrance (north gate) .

Buses let you off at southern entrance.


Taxis are easily available at any MTR station, from hotels and most areas of Hong Kong. From the Hong Kong International Airport, it costs approximately HK$ 400 (about US$ 50) to get to HKUST.

From the Hang Hau MTR, taxi fare is approximately HK$40; from the Choi Hung MTR, approximately HK$75.

Taxis can let you off at the Entrance Piazza.