Invited Speakers

Plenary Talks

  1. Nonlinear Optics for Polar Liquid Crystals
    Prof . Hideo Takezoe
  2. Ferroelectric liquid crystal applications: bright future
    Prof. Vladimir Chigrinov

  3. On the structure and alignment of the bent-core helical nanofilament (B4) phase
    Prof. David M. Walba, University of Colorado

  4. Structure and Fluctuations of the Twist-Bend Phase
    Prof. Noel A. Clark, University of Colorado, USA

  5. Geometrical Confinement of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals for Device Applications
    Prof. Junhee Na, Chungnam National University

Invited Talks

  1. Ferroelectric liquid crystals: The influence of central aromatic units on mesomorphic properties
    Prof. Michal Kohout, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

  2. De Vries chiral smectics 
    Prof Jagdish Vij, Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin, Ireland

  3. Spontaneous symmetry breaking and ferroelectricity in non-chiral LC systems
    Prof. Yuri Panarin
  4. Kerr effect in Vertically aligned FLCs and its applications
    Prof. Abhishek Srivastava, HKUST, Hong Kong

  5. A low birefringence ferroelectric liquid crystal
    Prof. Valerii Vashchenko, HKUST, Hong Kong

  6. When chiral smectics can choose their shape: tube-shell morphing induced by phase transition
    Dr. Rao Jampani, Université du Luxembourg

  7. Polar and conventional mesophases in hockey-stick-shaped molecules
    Prof. E-Joon Choi,Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Korea 

  8. Ferromagnetic liquid crystals: static and dynamic properties
    Dr. Nerea Sebastián, Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

  9. Gels and Nanofibers of Polar Columnar Liquid Crystals
    Prof. Fumito Araoka, Physicochemical Soft Matter Research Unit RIKEN Center for Emergent, Matter Science (CEMS), Japan

  10. Topological defects in polar smectic films and their role in formation of self-organized structures
    Prof. Pavel Dolganov

  11. Highly tilted ferroelectic and antiferroelectric materials - molecular design and synthesis
    Prof. Kula Przemysław

  12. Mueller matrix ellipsometry of ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
    Prof. Sergiy Valyukh, Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden

  13. Effect of molecular chirality on the nanostructure of the twist-bend nematic phase
    Prof. Antal Jakli, Kent State University, USA

  14. Towards an Electrical Equivalent Circuit Model (SPICE Model) for Electrically-Suppressed Helix Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
    Prof. Ian Underwood

  15. The Twist-Bend Nematic Phase
    Prof. Corrie T Imrie, University of Aberdeen, UK